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The New Word Order
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The New Word Order


Just as important as what we say is how we say it - especially in the world of finance. Managing life expectancy is important in planning for retirement, but isn't "making sure you are financially secure for your entire life" a much more inviting statement? 

Pension trustees and financial advisors deal with such important nuances every day. That is why it is critical for people to understand fully what is being said and to be receptive to the message.  

Suzette Rothberg is an executive wealth advisor with Invesco Consulting, who specializes in helping people develop successful personalized comprehensive life plans through thoughtful listening, active advice, and careful implementation.

Suzette was a keynote speaker at the FPPTA's 2017 Annual Conference. In this 30-minute video (edited for length),she shares some key strategies for communicating in ways that will ensure audiences are more receptive to topics that frequently befuddle them.