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What a firefighter costs: Priceless.
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What does it cost to train a firefighter?

The average cost of fire academy training is $5,300, but in Florida most firefighters are also EMTs or Paramedics which comes with an additional price tag of about $5,622.  An associate’s degree in fire science is increasingly desirable and a four-year degree is required for promotions above Battalion Chief. To fully equip a firefighter costs about $12,100.

The median salary for a firefighter in Florida in 2017 was $46,860 according to Glassdoor, a jobs pay ranking website. As with all first responder jobs, much of their required skills are learned or perfected on the job, so replacement of an experienced firefighter costs at least $175,000 and 3-years on-the-job training. The average annual pension is $24,100.

Finding and training the best firefighters costs money; retaining quality employees saves money. A highly trained and educated firefighter force is an investment that impacts a city’s public safety, quality of life and property values. Death, disability and retirement benefits are a primary attraction to the best applicants for the job. 

  • A 2017 Willis Towers Watson survey showed 60% of workers say their employer's retirement plan is their primary means for saving for retirement. Firefighters contribute to their retirement plans with every paycheck for the duration of their careers and many will not receive Social Security benefits.

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