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Safeguard Your Pension

We’re not much for conspiracy theories, but then it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to recognize a trend. Pensions in the private sector are all but gone, and every down market threatens the public sector retirement plans that remain. It’s good to understand the forces, both political and economic, that affect pension plans.

Here are two links that should give trustees some food for thought.

·         The first  is courtesy of the law firm, Cypen & Cypen , and it’s a synopsis of an article in the Wall Street Journal by Paul Davies titled, Why Private Equity Risks Tripping on Its Own Success.  It highlights the very real dangers of manipulating investments to alleviate pressure and increase internal rates of return.

·         The second is a short video produced by the National Public Pension Coalition that names the organizations and individuals who are both ideologically opposed to defined benefit pensions and who have the resources to do something about it.   

Keep informed and stay aware to protect your guaranteed retirement benefit.