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Welcome to the new E-Newsletter
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Kimberlie Edmonson Ryals, CEO

Welcome to the new FPPTA E-newsletter! Our ability to communicate with you has just taken a quantum leap forward. We’ll still send out a newsletter each month and it will still contain updates on our trustee schools, conferences and events, but our new capabilities will enable you to select the topics that most interest you without the extemporaneous content you already know, don’t need to know, or have already seen.

This new platform is so flexible, we’ll be able to publish and share with you significantly more material in significantly less space. Just click on the topics you want to view. We’ll be able to link you up with articles, research and videos from our own websites, or from the Internet and you will be able to share them (if you wish) to your social media sites for others to see – one piece at a time.

This new ability to easily receive and share information has the potential to broaden the conversation about public pensions in a big way. And when you see something that interests you, you will be able to share now, or save for another day.

We also hope the E-newsletter will encourage our members to deepen their knowledge by accessing the additional research that will be available by links, and to share select information with city commissions, managers and especially the future beneficiaries of your pension plan. If they know the trends, they will be better able to make the changes necessary to safeguard their retirement plans.

There are robust arguments for keeping public pension plans in place, a strong statutory tradition backed by solid performance over the years. Being in command of the history and the facts will better enable us to recommend changes where necessary without sacrificing retirement security for public workers.  

So, please enjoy and don’t be shy - share your thoughts about what content you would like to see and what you are most interested in. We’ll be sure to consider all recommendations.